Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Getting ready

Hand quilting my baby's quilt in preparation for his/her arrival. It hasn't worked out perfectly, it's not exactly flat. But babies don't notice these things do they?

I quite like the vintage look of the crinkled effect.

 Here we are getting ready for the baby shower!!

 I've been blessed with a good many useful gifts: clothes, baby bouncer, creams, powders, nappies, breastfeeding cushion, electric breast pump, quilts (I must share photos), and hand made blankets. Everything in gender neutral colours - mostly lemon, mint and white. It's getting exciting. Baby will soon be here.

Monday, 24 August 2015

More baby wardrobe essentials

And this completes our wardrobe of nappy pants - 11 pairs to fit up to 3 months of age. I wonder how long they will fit?
I am certain it will be more comfortable to hold and cuddle a baby wearing a singlet and cotton nappy pants than to sweat holding a baby in a plastic nappy.

Right! Onto the next project! Only a few weeks before the sewing machine is packed away for quite some time. Eep! But who is panicking?

Friday, 21 August 2015

Twelve red robins revival

Here is a blast from the past... I finished this stitchery (and a pink one too), probably a year or so ago. Now I've found some wonderful fabric for the squares, and as you can see my cutting mat and rulers are here with me (didn't have space for them in a caravan).

Next step: add borders, baste, quilt and bind ready for Christmas (the machine will probably be away until after Christmas).

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Summer wardrobe essentials

Introducing the first glimpse of Baby's exclusive Summer wardrobe.. Singlets teemed with nappy pants are sure to be the winner this Summer.

I've figured out how to make a pair of these pants from a fat quarter. I bought 10 fat quarters for $10 at Spotlight earlier in the year, and kept cutting. These (plus 5 more pairs) were cut out a couple of weeks ago. Then I had a go at putting them together using this pattern and tutorial. I put them aside for a while. There had to be an easier way! I tweaked the instructions, and now I have six pairs. Just need to buy more elastic for the next ones!

Feeling more and more tired as we come closer to meeting our Baby, and of course more busy, with more Dr and specialist appointments. However, the sewing mustn't slow down too much! We are on a deadline here!

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Quilts in use

I love to have photos of gifts I've made being used. This is my new nephew Miles trying out his baby quilt for the first time. Ooh, a bit chilly outside in Victoria.

Have you ever been disappointed that you've spent all this time and money making a quilt (or knitted item etc) for someone and they haven't sent you a photo of it in use? It breaks my heart. I know that once I've given a quilt away, it's not mine anymore, and they can do whatever they like with it (even line the dog bed)... but I will be sure to send people photos of any home made gifts in use when our Bub comes along in .

I look forward to seeing many more photos of Miles with his baby quilt. Thank you Libby for sending me lots of photos. xoxo

Friday, 7 August 2015

The Pointy End

Closer and closer our due date looms, and I am still working on the baby quilt. All hexagons are now pieced and joined. 
Then I "floated" the centre over one large piece of fabric and appliqued the already-turned-under edge onto the red check.
Then I flipped it to the back and cut away the checked fabric leaving a 1/4 inch between the applique edge and the raw edge underneath. Now, the checker is not showing through the vanilla hexies, and I have a beautiful big piece of Flower Milk Sugar fabric to go with the leftover jelly roll pieces. (What to make? Who knows?)

Okay. Now to spray baste, and hand quilt with DMC perle.

We are getting to the Pointy End of this pregnancy, and I want to make sure our Bub has a quilt ready to go (32 weeks now.... oh my!)...