Monday, 13 June 2011

Pyjama Day

Just call me a banana because I like staying in my pyjamas all day... heh heh...

Actually, it's not something I normally do.. but by about 2pm I had finished the four sides on all 25 blocks.By this time I felt justified having a shower and getting dressed...

Well, today is a public holiday - what else are they for??

Feeling so relaxed and comfortable, I decided to keep sewing (it's amazing what a difference a heater in excellent working order can make on one's ability to concentrate on sewing!!)

And this is the result - 25 blocks joined to form the centre of the quilt. Finished by 5pm. Yippee!! Then I raced off to dance class, did some other jobs, and thought "Hmm... I'd love to get the borders on this quilt before I see Mum tomorrow morning - I could give her the quilt and get it back on Saturday!!"

Ok, that didn't quite happen. But I did get the next narrow border on before bedtime.

What a productive day!! I can't wait to finish this quilt - I just want it on my bed!!

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