Sunday, 5 October 2008

Button, button..

Not much stitching yesterday. *sad face*

I just saw something on the shelf near my quilt books....

I remember Dad gave me a battery operated Holly Hobbie sewing machine made from blue plastic one Christmas - I was about 10 years old. I sewed little things - the stitching wasn't very strong, but I had F-U-N!! When I picked up my sewing UFOs a few months later (or was it that I needed to repair what I tried to make earlier?), I found the batteries had leaked and corroded the terminals. I was upset. Mum made me chuck it out - it was junk (Oh! If only I kept it, just as a collector's piece or decoration!!).

The next year Dad gave me this:

A Holly Hobbie hand-sewing basket
It looks a little loved doesn't it? How can I clean the top? It's a thin nylon with spongey stuff underneath.

Let's have a look inside.

OH!!!! Look at these buttons! I forgot I bought them. They look like they were on sale (there are red crosses on the back).

Where can I put them so I don't forget I have them again??

What a good spot, this jar is not being used for lollies anyway!!
Gee, I am glad I saw my sewing box on the shelf and showed it to you. VBG.

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Sweet P said...

That's an adorable basket. Perhaps a mild upholstery cleaner would help clean up the box. Paddingont Bear looks like he will take care of the buttons.