Friday, 17 October 2008

Soothing your soul

I have now finished 4 out of 6 Mammy stitcheries. Yay me!

I have been really busy now the bowls season has started and my shoulder hurts or my legs hurt from the bending as my muscles adapt to movements they have avoided for 6 months. Why doesn't it bother the older bowlers? They didn't stop bowling! Weekday bowls runs in various places at commutable distances, and some of the dears just came back from 3 months caravanning in Queensland where it's warm even in Winter. Whereas I have a day job, no bowls for me during the week.

As I was saying, even though I have been really busy, it is important to me to do some stitching. It really does sooth my soul. I need to sew to feel calm and quiet, especially a bit of "mindless" stitchery. What soothes your soul?

Here are some more of the blocks made by my friends to celebrate my wedding earlier this year.

It's lucky I posted them really, Rosie said it reminded her she still has one for me stuck on her pinboard!!

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Sharyn said...

Sewing time each day centers me, but yoga soothes my soul. If you want to try it get this DVD. It is the best of the best

Great wedding blocks!