Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Mystery update

The online mystery quilt started 2 weeks ago. Each Saturday for 6 weeks we will receive instructions to complete during the week.

Week 1 was the fabric requirements (only 1 week to choose the fabrics! eek!). Week 2 was last Saturday - the cutting instructions. I have done all the cutting except for the borders. I think one really needs to see what the middle will look like before sorting out the borders.

I am thinking of giving this quilt (when it's finished) to our friends' daighter Daisy. She is about 4. This will be a single bed quilt.

I have no idea what the pattern will be so far... but if it works well, I might hunt through my stash to make a quilt for her brother who is about 2. They didn't get any quilts as babies. :(

I must try and keep up with the baby quilts, and if they are big enough, the quilts will last them, and I won't feel I should make them another one!! I know some quilters make one baby quilt per family. They are more expensive in money and time than most other baby gifts.

It feels good to be using up my stash!!


Fey said...

You're so organised Lorraine! Great idea with the take=away boxes. I know what you mean about the cost too; I am making a 24" square crib quilt to send to my husbands niece and the cost and postage to NZ have crept up way more than I would have ever spent ordinarily.
Love you blog.

Bizarre Quilter said...

Thank you so much for your comments Fay. It means a lot to me.

Hmm.. cost and postage. Quilts really are a labour of love aren't they? In the end I just want them to be used.