Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The walrus said...

"The time has come."

I have dug out my machine again.. can you tell??? (It was a little bit buried, or should I say, the pathway to the machine was under siege).

I know these blocks are The French Collection, but that's enough collecting. I want my quilt! Actually, with all the hand-made buttons, it is going to be a wallhanging.

Wouldn't you know it? I got them out and one block needs a little bit of stitching. Ergh! I thought I was finished the stitching. It won't take long, but it did hinder my progress.

First, I taped on some template plastic to centre the stitchery before cutting out the block. I used the rotary cutter to cut 1/4 inch out from the plastic, so I didn't wreck my blade and it didn't matter if my plastic wasn't perfectly straight.

Then, borders around each block. Doesn't the butchers look a little empty without the buttons???

Then, piecing the centre blocks into rows.

Joining the rows together. It's a little tricky to go farther until I have completed the last centre block.

Stay tuned! I am keen to get this quilt together so I can work on the applique.

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Anonymous said...

You must be happy with the result of the French Collection.Lovely job on the Stitchery. Regards Lyn
PS I went to see Kenny Rogers in the early eighties, great stuff.