Saturday, 10 October 2009

Handy hexagon handwork

These hexagons are great for handwork when it doesn't matter if one is travelling in a bumpy ute!!
When applique just isn't suitable, or doesn't pack up into a small enough bag, or when I don't have enough ready, I take out my handy hexagons.

There's still a lot to go... but I don't mind. VBG.


Bluebell said...

Hi, I love hexagons they are so portable and when we go off in our caravan I am either sewing them or cutting loads out, I love to hand piece on papers it is so relaxing. I love the one's you have done so far can't wait to see it all.

Karen said...

This looks like an interesting hexagon setting. I will be watching the progress with interest to see what it looks like.

Kylie said...

Cute! Hexagons always look so sweet. Just had a browse around your blog. Love the slideshow of the 2008 Elves Challenge. It's a shame you didn't put people's names to them though. I remembered which one was Mum's but have no idea what everyone else did. They're teeny, tiny and amazing!
Had to add that I love Jane Austen and just couldn't resist that quiz. Lizzy Bennet is my fave book character of all time! Not to be for me though. ;) said...

I really like your hexagons. Will follow you to see how it ends.

Julia said...

the hexagonal design is very eye capturing and the combination with black is giving a lift to the colors which is an advantage...looking very nice.