Saturday, 19 January 2019


When the mood strikes, Mummy must go for it... intuition was telling me to buy some towels, so we went to get them....

Lots and lots of towels! And they also make great cushions in the trolley!

First one made is a witches hat, with feather, crystal and pentagram details.

Love this colour and the soft fluffiness of the towel.

Appliqued onto the towel with freehand machine embroidery details and hand rendering.

And of course the triple goddess, I made 2 bath towels and 2 hand towels in this colour and style, as they are a favourite.

Yesterday was a very special day at our place... the first half of the house footings were concreted, which is such a relief. We are expecting the rains in February March and we needed to have these holes filled by then.

A very exciting time for us all. After this we set up the next half of the holes.

Family life is wonderful!

With a new house on the horizon, I have thoughts racing away about the home decorating. I have been happy to put new quilts for the children on hold until the house is built, so that they have new ones for their new room.

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