Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Bump! Bump!

Bump! Bump!

I've finished making the cot bumper, measured to fit onto our cot. I designed it to come up a little higher than that in the pattern. My idea is to keep out "little gifts" of food and toys from Miss 4 and Master 5 that might be dangerous for a little baby.

I love the fresh sherbet lemon. Zinger!!

I originally saw cot bumpers in a huge baby department store, and I loved them. So I bought a pattern earlier this year, and the fabric. Then I fluffed about for a while without making them.

I really felt like finishing something for our baby. I cannot wait to design a beautiful nursery for our baby! I am in the decorating-nesting zone (as opposed to the cleaning one). And yet, our new home won't be ready until our new bub is at least 3 months old. In the meantime I am D
REAMing of decorating our home while I have space for the sewing machine. Once our baby is born, there will be no space (and perhaps no time either) for the sewing machine until we move into our new environs. Anticipating the sewing I will want to have completed, I am in a surge of creativity for our little bub.

I've also made 3 muslin wraps (it's a bit too hot for flannel wraps here in Far North Queensland), and expect I will need to make more.

I'm also thinking about making burp cloths, a portable change mat, bibs and rompers.

I wanted to make a hanging nappy stacker too, but Sweetheart said "Darling, after you have made curtains, cushions, wallpaper and whatever else you want to make, then make the nappy stacker. This is a nappy stacker. *points to disposable nappies in original packaging* Swapping them into another bag is double handling you won't have time for."

Hmm... heh heh... he is a sensible man... x

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