Sunday, 7 November 2010

Is it kind of like mending?

It's so exciting to have a quick start-to-finish project!! (You know, for in between those ongoing projects like the Civil War Bride quilt... (Let's not talk about that just now).

Okay, so these folder covers are not quite finished yet... they just need a little bit of hand-sewing. But, it's hand sewing a closure.. which is kind of like mending and putting up trouser hems. So, it gets left behind.

I love creative sewing!! I am planning to make some bibs for my cousin's baby shower. I will give her the Let's Play quilt after the baby is born (I want to add the baby name, birth date and weight to the label... I guess I can omit the star sign. LOL!!) Wouldn't it be nice if the baby was born on my birthday? She is due around then...

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