Saturday, 17 April 2010

So much for a clean-out!

I haven't even finished sifting through my stash and I've added more... of course, this is what I really want to be in my stash, although these won't be in my "general stash" for a while, but in a PIG (AKA Projects in Grocery Sacks) - yes, in the bag I bought it in..

I was reading an old issue of "Australian Country Threads" when I spied the column "Recycled Threads" (it's a really good section where one designer makes items from opp shop finds).

This time Ruth (the columnist) had found a finished tapestry at her local opp shop. Tapestries are rather hard-wearing, so she took it out of the frame and turned it into a bag.
I bought these 4 tapestries for fifty cents each (!!!) today.... I am going to make a couple of bags from them.

The Beatrix Potter ones can go on both sides of one bag (I just need to do a leetle bit of stitching on the mouse one).........And the others... probably on one bag each. There is a lot of time and money ino these completed tapestries. I am sure someone enjoyed doing them... perhaps they couldn't be framed because they are not rectangular, but more rhomboid.

It won't matter in a bag... but let this be a lesson to you - use a frame when making tapestries!!Now... what will I put with these?? Hmm....

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Fay said...

I do a lot of needlepoint tapestry. They can be blocked and stretched to bring them back to the correct shape. You can do this at home or a framing place would do it for you if they were framing it up.
And yes, they do take a lot of time. They can't really be washed because of the canvas backing. I often Scotchguard ones I'm going to use for cushions to help reduce the wear.
Looking forward to seeing what you will do with these!