Thursday, 1 April 2010

Long Lost UFO

I was pottering around on my day off yesterday and I found this long, lost UFO.

It's part of a borders quilt. I started this quilt in March 2002 (according to the class schedule I found with it). This class is where I first remember meeting Andrea .

Oh yes, I had big plans for this quilt - it was going to go on my king sized bed. You should see the drawings I made on graph paper.. well, that's not going to happen now. These colours aren't really my bag now.. and some of the fabrics well...

Here are a couple of borders ready to attach (above). All I had to do was 3 little pieces of applique on one of the corner blocks. I have done that now, and need to trim the blocks down to fit the border. That is where the quilt will stop.

I thought to myself, "Yeah! I can liberate the rest of the fabric!!" But.. some of it will be liberated in quite a different way.... I wonder what size quilt back it will make if I join them all together??

And here are today's Gypsy Girl blocks...

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