Friday, 9 April 2010


Every now and then I go a little mad on the hexagon thing, then I become tired of it. Looking at these fabrics has made me want to tidy up my fabric stash.

The pen is in the photo for scale.

I read an article in Quilter's Newsletter - one of the points that stuck in my mind is this: Imagine the kind of fabric stash you would like to have. Now go and look in your stash, and remove anything that doesn't fit into the type of stash you would like.... I've got some really old fabrics (well 10-12 years old) that really aren't my thing anymore. I think if I can "remove" them (give them away) the rest of my stash could be more organised, tidier and take up a lot less space. I will keep you posted.


Bernadette said...
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Bernadette said...

Why not use your fabric for quilt backs? Love your hexagons.

Karen said...

I think updating the stash is a good idea. I do that every so often and donate the fabrics to a charity or thrift store.