Sunday, 4 December 2016

That sewing retreat weekend feeling...

It feels like I've had a weekend retreat! I left the sewing machine out yesterday. It was another very hot morning, and after a big Sunday pancakes brekkie, it was "free" time for everyone again. Including Mummy! Woohoo!

Another four oven mitts - not a scerrick of batting left. Then my sweetheart says "which one is ours"? Ummm... might have to make more...

As I stitched these ones, I found my natural rhythm and the machine just flowed under my fingers... *peaceful sigh* The stitching on these is a vast improvement on the ones I made yesterday. Ooh, I feel adventurous! What else can I sew? Most of my fabric is in storage 3000km away. I have plenty here, what can I make?

I have ideas of making mitts for the neighbours and our mothers too, but that would mean batting shopping, so we will see what happens (the shops are just crazy this time of year, and my gift shopping is finished).

Next I started to make Master 1's Christmas stocking. The older children each have one already, so I wanted to follow the same theme, although this one will have owls on it.

I got this far...

Two sides quilted and cut out, ready for owl appliques.

All the free motion done.... And then the machine decided it wanted a holiday.

 Dangnabbit! Something happened - I think it's the timing. The Janome bobbin case won't correspond properly and the needle punched a couple of holes in the bobbin case. This has happened several times. I wonder what causes it. Now there are so many of us online, I might just give it a google.

The Janome 6500 really has been a wonderful machine. The hours and hours I have used it, I just cannot count.

The funny thing is, according to my facebook history "on this day", the machine went to the Doctor at exactly the same time a different year! Hahahahha. I must know how to get into a Christmas sewing frenzy.

Let's hope it's back soon.

Enjoy your Christmas crafting. xo

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