Thursday, 22 December 2016

Ahem. I also found...

I feel like I am being such a good girl using up all the Christmas fabric I bought last week. I had enough batting for two table runners. Finished those. Now what to do? Bit of a rummage for some other sewing projects, and yippee! I found enough batting for two more! Hurrah! No need to try to get into town for batting during the crazy, busy week before Christmas.

 Two Birds table runner is finished

It is wonderful to see sew many variations when quilters make similar projects. I think that's why linking up is so much fun. It's inspiring and motivating. We get back on here and "report" (or write our blog), and it keeps us on track with our projects.

Berry Bird tablerunner is sewn, just needs binding

Dollan Design made a Christmassy table runner in a similar design and it looks so different. She has used scrappy fabrics for the centre squares. What a different effect is achieved!

I also love her Christmas tree placemats. Such lovely colours.

Ahem. Did I mention... during the rummaging...  I also found...that I have a stash here after all. I thought my stash was in storage. Nope. It seems once a quilter is a fabric hoarder, she is always a fabric hoarder. Here I am, thinking how good I have been using up all that fabric I just bought, and using up stashed backing and batting.. but there is SO MUCH FABRIC, mostly organised as projects, ready to be sewn under the bed.

When I wondered why I collected so much fabric here in under three years. I thought about it.  I had packed up my life into a caravan and wandered with no stash, only a few little projects to keep me sane. Eventually I settled 3000km away from my old home and started to collect fabric. But this time, I wasn't buying a fat quarter here or there, I was buying for a whole project. Um. This goes back to a few years ago when we had so much fabric, that Andrea and  I decided  we were only going to buy fabric if we knew what it was for. Sometimes I would stand in the shop and make up a new project. Hahahahhaha! And so, I became used to buying for an entire project. Or in my case 6 table runners!

It looks like I will finish four out of six QAYG Christmas tablerunners, then turn towards other projects for a while, until I buy more batting.... And I was trying so hard not to be distracted! It could be a disaster where two are left undone. Maybe I could work on one of the UFOs under the bed?


Jo said...

I'm sure you will find something to keep busy.
Make sure you finish off those runners for next years gifts... think ahead, don't waste.....

Anonymous said...

wow this runner is awesome,you are very clever.