Tuesday, 13 December 2016

My head is swimming

All I can offer is a sneak peak of the finished quilt top (interestingly enough, which some people have nicknamed a "flimsy"). Today we enjoyed some light showers, which were welcomed with open arms, but it made outdoor photography unlikely to succeed

The top was finished today, on such a high! The intense energy of the wedding even from across the seas has been with me for days. And it's a full moon!

The couple partook in traditional Indian celebrations over a few days,  but the official wedding was 9th December.

I am sharing some eye candy of the beautiful wedding clothes, and such a stunning couple.

Surely you can now see why I had to make something new for them, and not give something I made quite a while ago.


When I saw these photos, I knew at once I had chosen the right fabrics to make their quilt.

My colour preferences have changed drastically since I moved 3,000 km north to Far North Queensland 3 1/2 years ago. I used to love warm fabrics - rich colours like a Turkish carpet, and reproduction fabrics exuding warmth.

It's far too hot here for such things. We will only use a quilt with cotton batting in the Winter. Cool colours are definitely the favourite for me, here near the beach - teals, blues, turquoises....

I am in the mood to make table runners and French Braid, so I was looking for pre cut fabric strips, as I only have a small stash here. Oh! What a time to be looking at fabric! So close to Christmas, the big websites in the U.S. - Hancocks and Fat Quarter Shop are having flash sales every day for the 12 days of Christmas. It's a great time for me to buy. Instead of A$70 for a pack, I've paid U.S.$20. Even with postage I have saved an absolute bucket load. The price works out the same as buying a few packets wholesale here in Australia, without having to buy a whole box of packs in the same range.

Thinking I had used up all my scraps of batting I was very pleased to trim the Horsey quilt and machine the binding on, because I had enough leftover batting to make two table runners! Yay!

I am half way stitching around the binding. Looking forward to finishing it, and another binding before starting my Christmas skirt!

My head is swimming with ideas and projects. Also this morning I was thinking that my sister turns 40 in six months. I just want to make her a wallhanging for her music room, something with Jazz. I wonder what I could find?

Later today I looked in a box of fabric I have and found this!

There are six squares. Enough for a wallhanging and some cushions. What a find! Needless to say, I was pretty excited! I wonder what I have that will go with it.

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