Saturday, 3 December 2016

Let it sew! Let it sew!

Oh! What a fabulous morning! And a wonderful day for the first weekend in December.

There's something about the decorations going up, wrapping gifts, and going to Christmas break up dos that makes me want to Sew!

While Master 6 was happily playing dinosaur cities, and Miss 5 was playing horsey play dough, Master 1 was playing all over and around Daddy watching a movie in the air con, Mummy bravely rummaged through her fabrics and pulled out some Christmas pieces.

Next thing you know, these appeared!

NB. Mummy had to dip her hair many times under the tap - it's hot sewing in the Darwin kitchen, but it was the only way to sew without worrying about Master 1 and electrical cords,

Ah..... The gentle feel of the fabric under my fingers..... the scissors skimming through the fabric.... the hum of the sewing machine...

Oops, haven't done this kind of sewing in over a year! The first two will be given to non-sewers (children's teachers) who won't notice if they are a bit wonky.

And I've started 4 more mitts! Then it looks like the end of the batting scraps I had. Looks like I need to make more quilts (just to get some batting scraps.. hee hee)...

To top off a lovely morning, we went to the local grandparents house (we are so lucky our children have two sets of grandparents. although one is far away), where the children helped to put up the tree.

We won't be putting up a tree this year at home. Master 1 cannot help himself and pulls off every bauble to chew it.

Oops! All the decorations are at the bottom!

We even took some presents to put under the tree, so that Bub doesn't unwrap them at home.

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