Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Counting the 12 days of Christmas

I think I must have the most lovely DH in the world!....  *LOVE* .....Feeling very pleased with myself, instead of starting to cut up my new stash into bits and pieces, I continued with the last two table runners (which now have the backing spray basted on, and the centre is started for each one).  When I professed how well behaved I had been, my sweetheart says I don't have to finish everything now, I can have bits going here and there.. oh! My Heart! He really is my True Love. Hee Hee. You know you have Mr Right when he says "You can never have enough stash", although, that was before I went shopping yesterday. xxxx

It is wonderful to read other dear quilters' blogs and hear about their families who support their crafts whole heartedly too.

As for evening handwork, I am working on the Pears for the 12 Days of Christmas.

I haven't yet decided whether they will hang off a dead branch or a little appliqued tree mini quilt type thing.

I bought fabric to make two of these, I wonder who will end up with the other one. Maybe I could have one in the house and one in my studio, and keep them both?

I modified the Hatched and Patched pattern a little bit. The stitcheries are the same - I am hand stitching them onto muslin, then I have machine blanket stitched them onto synthetic felt from Kmart, and inserted a ribbon and used a triple stitch on the sewing machine to join the front and back.

Ooh, I have cracked open yesterday's new stash - the 75c ribbon. It's a lovely jacquard cotton.

I had to google when the 12 days of Christmas start. They start on the 25th December. I wonder if I will have them all finished by the 5th January, which is the 12th night.

Happy 4th day of Christmas. xo

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Jo said...

Go for it. You are doing a great job