Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Christmas creations

It's a crazy time here at the end of the school year, heading for Christmas. Full of Christmas parties and get-togethers.

What a perfect time to create!

Staying up late, and getting up early for creative baking is just as exciting as it is for creative sewing (although it's a necessity here in the tropics to chill and roll out bikkie dough or to ice and decorate treats in the cooler times of the day). It's also child free time, when I will not be distracted by little feet running about, and perhaps touching the hot oven.

I had been planning to make extra oven mitts as gifts until the sewing machine became sick.  So at the last minute I was making these snowflakes as ornaments. I once went to a quilty gf's house, and she had garlands of greenery hanging everywhere absolutely covered in crocheted snowflakes. Susan gave every visitor in December one of her snowflakes. It made a stunning display, and a touching gift.

Even though there wasn't time to block the snowflakes and hold in place with ironing starch, I think they still look cute.

I was amazed one of the oven mitt recipients didn't appreciate her hand made gift. I don't even know if she knew I had made it, but it was brushed off as "I will have the chocolate, and my husband can have this".

It happens occasionally, but I think as crafters, we cannot be upset about what someone does with a hand made gift. We have given it to them. It is theirs now, and we have released it. Although we can be sure they will never bloody well get another hand made thing again!

Here are the baking creations made for the children this week.

Both recipes are from the December 2016 Coles magazine.

Andrea, I thought of you as I made the candy cane swirly bikkies. I remember you telling a story where Daniel as a toddler was able to describe how to make the curly twirly bikkies and you thought "Ooh, maybe we've made these more times than I thought". I wonder whether these are made in a similar way.

What to make next? I am keen to finish the owl Christmas stocking when I have my sewing machine back, and to machine stitch the binding onto two quilts ready to hand stitch for the children for Christmas. But, what else?

I was thinking of making quilts for two weddings I have been invited to. The first is in India (cannot take baby boy as it is too dirty for him while he puts everything in his mouth), and the second is in New Zealand (cannot go as it has been declared an adult only wedding, no children). Luckily I think I have two quilts in my stash ready to be gifted.

This one, Samsara, is going back to the town where it was made after the married couple return from India. Originally, I was going to keep it for myself. But the fabrics suit a cooler climate, and are too warm for my home where we wear cardigans for only 2 weeks of the year.

The other one is  a Persian tiles design which I've made 3 times now. Funnily enough I can't seem to find it on my blog. Did I miss adding a finished quilt? I am so curious I will go back to check.

.... Aaaah, here it is. La Petite Ecole Persian Tiles

And so, I will take a look at my projects to see what I'd like to work on next.

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Jo said...

Nice quilts for presents. I hope they are loved more that the mitt.
Where are you now living.....