Sunday, 11 December 2016

A bit of shopping, finished stocking and a WIP

Thank you Universe for a wonderful, wonderful day today!

There had been a light shower of rain overnight (first rain for months). The sky was still overcast this morning, making the air so much cooler. By 9:30am, the car was full of the smell of fresh basil, and other assorted fresh fruit and vegies... so delicious!

 It was early enough, and cool enough to go to the Handmade Renegade market. I hadn't been before, and it's only on once a month. What a market to go to two weeks before Christmas! I had found my tribe! Full of artisans and crafters, passionate about what they do, and with stalls everywhere. Every stall holder wearing their felt jewellery, or cutlery jewellery, or hand made glass beads, or quirky clothes. I am definitely going again, and I will take photos. The feeling was intense. I have missed it so much (it felt like I'd been living somewhere remote in comparison). My creative juices started flowing (as if they weren't already going nuts!). I satisfied myself with a homemade Vegan (sugarfree, dairy free, gluten free) "Magnum" ice cream, and a pair of glass earrings (to be wrapped up under the tree from the children).

Next stop: I bought two skirt patterns, and some half price Christmas fabric. But first, I have some finishing to do.

Sampson's Christmas stocking.

The fabrics were chosen to complement the stockings  made for his siblings, so they look good hanging up together.

Then, continuing with the wedding quilt (which I am thinking of calling Time To Love). These blocks were trimmed.

How convenient is it that the blocks are all on point? They are mostly needleturn appliqued, with some wool felt blanket stitch appliqued, which really helps give depth and a glow to the quilt overall.

I think these will look particularly good as cornerstones on the next border.

The blocks turned out to be larger than I originally thought when I drafted the pattern in a coffee shop, so I've had to change the plan a little bit, with two fabrics in the next border. I think it will be pleasing. Sometimes spectacular results are achieved when we deviate from the plan.

 The quilt has come along just magnificently so far, in such a short time.

Just one border left to add tomorrow, and I should buy more of the lime fabric for the binding, as I used it today when I didn't have enough of the pink millefiori fabric.

This quilt is coming along very quickly, and I believe it's all just working out with a little help from Above... and due to the "just do it now" attitude I've had to adopt as a Mother using whatever spare time I have. (Although, I have to say Thank You, for just how much support I have at home, with Daddy taking bub to the neighbours for a play so that I could sew).

I am hoping the quilt top will be finished tomorrow!
Then I need a day wrapping Christmas presents and posting cards.

After that, there are two quilts that need binding.

Then I will reward myself with a fresh project - a Christmas skirt! Exciting!

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