Wednesday, 15 December 2010


So much more to do!! I've got a secret to tell ...
I organised a challenge with the Sunbury group that we have been working on all year.

We all chose our own fabrics and placed them into a bag. Then, 12 people each made a block for that person using their fabrics.

The block was really simple. This helps to reduce errors and allowed beginners to participate.

Some people chose exactly what fabrics would be used where.

Other people put the fabrics in the bag and said, just use "medium" here, "dark" here and "light" here.

We haven't looked in our own bags all year!

What an exciting surprise!

Of course, this now means I have another project to finish.

I entered the swap twice to end up with 24 blocks (my quilt will use 25 blocks).

Then, I won some of the raffle blocks!

I even won one of the blocks I entered - my favourite - it says Peace.

Look at this cute snowman. The nose looks like a coloured icy-pole! What a shame this block wasn't named. After I make these blocks into something (that's another project!!) I will try to find out who made the blocks. I would like them named.

Okay, let's finish something else before I sink my teeth into these 2011 projects.

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Bobbie Ashley said...

Love all of the blocks. Everyone did a beautiful job. What a great idea. Your stitcheries are just coming out great. Happy holidays!