Thursday, 9 December 2010

The other kris-kringle

I neglected to work on the other Kris Kringle present (different quilt group) - I was waiting to find out who the recipient would be. Then, we decided it would be a lucky dip of sorts!! So, I made a "generic" present.

Here 'tis.

This is a rubbish bin. Simply insert the bottom of a 2L softdrink botthe and it will hold its shape!

This is a pin cushion made from selvedges - a little bit of fun. I also popped in kit to make a little zippy bag. And wouldn't you know it? Rosie got my gift!!

This is what I received from my kris kringle. A stocking and some shortbread.
A pleasent evening out with friends - and we didn't have to cook!!

All these Christmas parties should be explaining why there is not much sewing show and tell on my quilting blog! LOL!!

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