Wednesday, 29 December 2010

The skirt-to-be

Yes, still on holiday, and I have another project in mind...

Isn't it a cute little bird? Yes, birds AND Christmas!! Yippee!! My favourites! Okay, I confess to shopping in NZ.

This is the first shop - "Stitch" - the playroom for knitters and stitchers. I chose this interesting fabric (a sort of linen-feel) and the red floral as an accent.

I would like to make a passport and ticket holder. Something with a bit of stiffener that can be closed quickly and securely while going through airports and waiting rooms.

Then I found this shop.... I have my sister's car and satellite navigation... gee, I love the sat nav!! Easy to use, even for a beginner! This gave me plenty of time to shop.

These Empress Woo fabrics were on sale - only NZ$10 per metre. The one above is the skirt-to-be. I imagine yet another A-line wrap skirt.And a few other pieces for kurtas (blouses). What do you think? I suppose they could also be used to make quilts with. Too bad!!

I can't wait to start the cross-stitch! I think it will be a daytime project when the light is best. The stitcheries are going down well for the evenings while SKY is on the telly or a DVD is screening in the big screened lounge.

Do I admit it now? Okay. I will. Now that I have stitched out a few of the Tis The Season stitcheries, I am getting low on DMC thread. I pounced on the little birdy cross-stitch in case I ran out of DMC thread.... then I remembered, I can buy DMC threads here! Derr... (Last overseas trips were in India, Dubai and Morocco. I had trouble even buying a needle there!!) Silly meeeee!


free indeed said...

What a fun shopping expedition! I too love that little bird cross stitch kit...I really need to revisit cross stitching I think! :)

Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

Good thinking to preplan trips based on shopping :)
Lovely fabrics!

Fay said...

I bought DMC threads in small town NZ last month. Price was a little scary - over double what we pay here. Only bought the one I needed on the day.

Ann said...

Oh! For an overseas trip to shop...