Saturday, 18 December 2010

Another UFO ready to go down!

These blocks were made during the year 2004. They were part of an "initial" swap. I made the first block with my initial (L) on it. Each month another swapee made a block for me - inspired by the letter L.

You can see Lepidoptera (butterflies), ladybugs, log cabin, lyrebird (made by me), leaping frog and lazy lizard with leaves, letterbox, lily, lavender and lace, leaves, lamp, lavender and lilac and lemon and lime log cabin loveheart, liberty fan.

I would love to have this quilt top finished and off to Mum this year.

These blocks sat around for so long, wouldn't it be nice to have a quick finish?


Karen said...

That is a different kind of swap and I find it very interesting. Did everyone do their initial for their letter?

Lisa Martin said...

Lovely Quilt