Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Pop! It just works!

It is such a pleasure to be working on this quilt.

I am just letting "the next thing happen". At night before I go to bed I will draw a quick sketch of the next bit, and it just works! Pop!

The zig zag border is now attached. I need to make the next border before I can calculate the size of the light minty green strip between to make them fit just so.

After this (final) border is attached I will audition a few more "loose" (or is it castaway and leftover) log cabin squares. I might need to add more flow from the centre to the outside.
I am using "log shapes" in the outer border, but it is giving a slight curved edge to the outside. I am particularly happy with the alternating pinkish-red, then greenish-blue repeating theme as the borders are applied.
I look forward to seeing the next bit! Let's just see how it flows.

1 comment:

Staci said...

Love your zigzags! Lends a lot of pizazz to an already fabulous quilt.