Thursday, 17 September 2009

Working for the bride...

Yesterday, I had a day off.. it was glorious! 25 degrees C... I sat outside, drank good coffee and read up on my holiday destination..

After my bask in the sun I spent a few hours in the garden - weeding and planting... then I worked on this garden:
Here is my third finished block for the Civil War Bride quilt. I finished it the other day. My flowers are purple - white wouldn't have shown up on my background very well.

I also started block 8 (pictured above).
I am just loving making these quilt blocks. However, I have to intersperse these with other deadlines now.
I think I need a new list of 5. This is the list I am currently working on - don't let me distracted from these!!
1. Finish dollhouse quilt top (not much to go, just the front door and some embroidery, then add the sides and grass at the bottom.
2. 1950s quilt top - I need to finish it!! (machine work)
3. Christmas belles - needs machine work
4. Civil War Bride quilt (of course)
5. Jo's Little Women baskets (machine work)


Janet said...

The blocks look amazing together, you are getting so much done. I think I need a list of five too, good idea.

Lizzie said...

Me too, I need a list!!! Then I can leave it on the bench and forget it ......... sigh, story of my life at the moment. LOL.
This bride is typical of all brides, demanding, she keeps calling me back to her too......

Donna said...

Your blocks are so beautiful!