Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Staying Awake...

I woke at 4am this morning with a great idea for an art quilt. The ideas developed for a few minutes then I got up and wrote them down... 40 minutes later, I was still awake. I wrote down more ideas.

More than ever I needed to sleep a bit later this morning, and I found myself getting up 30 minutes earlier than I "needed" to, because I wanted to find a few things from my stash and a UFO that was hiding in a box in the shed.

I won't share the idea until I make the quilt. I plan to enter it into the One Step Further competition hosted by VicQuilters (my local state-wide guild here in Australia). I will document the story of the quilt, but I won't publish it online until the exhibition opens.

Here is the surfy quilt with its wavy binding attached.It looks fun.. bring on the warm weather I say! It's cold here, and my heater is not working!!


Anonymous said...

Heater not working? Get under a quilt!

Janet said...

Love it when inspiration strikes! Not at 4am though. Have fun and I hope the plan works out.