Friday, 4 September 2009

I name this quilt ... Samsara

I feel like I have been finishing a lot of things... should I have started something else? Maybe not! Here is my beginning sketch - it's a traditional Amish design. Can you see my use of pythagorus' theorem on the bottom left? LOL!! It worked anyway!
I fell in love with the Samsara range of fabric. Really large prints that should not be cut into little pieces.

This Amish design would be perfect. Uncluttered.

I pieced the quilt top in a day. This was my first go at mitred corners. It wasn't difficult at all... I just needed courage to make the first cut. It does use a lot more fabric, but the effect is really worth it.

I will ask Mum to quilt it in traditional Amish style - vertical cables through the central part, then a feather border in the mitred outer border.
I name this quilt - Samsara.


Jayne said...

I love your quilt! The fabric is simply stunning. Patting you on the back! You should be very proud of the final look.

Lizzie said...

Wow, I have an Amish style quilt I made in 1999, exactly the same design, red, purple, blue, green and black. Love yours and the name

Anonymous said...

You mentioned that the mitered corners us a lot of fabric, but really you have the fabric left - to cut in small pieces for fill ins on lother quilts.
Very nice use of this fabric....

Anonymous said...

One day I spent ages trying to work out the Pythagorus thing, went to the library and the Senoir Maths teacher came in. I asked him for help. He asked if I wanted the theory or just wanted to work it out. I just wanted to work out how big to make that triangle when I knew the longest side. He told me to multiply it by .707 ............. I spent fours years studying that theory, and they never mentioned that!
Judy B