Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Wonderful Mystery Tour

Hurrah! The first block of Esther's Secret Garden BOM is stitched!

(and washed to remove Crisp spray starch, clear gum, and Artline green markers)...

I drew faces onto the flowers, but it was too much, so I just washed out the marker without stitching.

The fabric block feels wonderful. It's a big piece - approx 20in x 30in. It has weight. It's not too soft, and not too stiff.

I can feel myself handle it reverently as I move it to the ironing surface, then on a flat surface for photographing..

There's a LOT of work on this piece of fabric, and it contains so much joy!

Can you read the quote I've stitched on here?

I am staring at some hoarded fabrics wondering how to include the swirls and leaves and animals into more flower blocks... but what if they aren't flower blocks? We cannot know!! It's a wonderful, wonderful mystery!

And now, I feel confident I can start the next Diamond Hill block, and finish it fairly quickly... it's only a week until the next Secret Garden block, and the Alice in Wonderland theme I've chosen  will be consuming my active imagination.

I am linking up to Esther's Working on Wednesdays, and feeling on track!


Plum Cox said...

Love your fussy cutting and your stitching! it all looks beautiful!

Elaine said...

very pretty! I do love those purple leaves!

Jo said...

Sorry but I can't read the quote. You don't need the faces because your fabrics are so busy. It looks lovely.

Pam said...

Totally fabulous! WOW! what great fabrics and color palette!

Jenny said...

Love your block and your quote is perfect for the start of this lovely mystery BOM