Wednesday, 1 February 2017

"Mummy, my soup is moving" and a to-do list

"Mummy, my soup is moving" says Master 6. Oh my. It's vegetarian pumpkin soup. Freshly made. It shouldn't be moving.

Oh wait! That's what happens when you are quilting in the kitchen! Hahahahaha. I was machine blanket stitching the black bars onto the Christmas panel while the children ate dinner. (It doesn't take me long to eat pumpkin soup). I siezed the moment and the machine was wobbling the table, and that wobbled the soup. Hee hee.

It took at least an hour of solid stitching to attach these few black bars. Thank goodness I chose to stitch by machine! I daydreamed while I watched bub in the high chair, and machined away on auto pilot.

Next job is to add borders, and baste the quilt, ready to texturise with feathers and berries.

Today was the first time I went to a sit and sew group at local shop Sunlit Blooms. I took the first Diamond Hill block for hand sewing (it turns out I could have been machine sewing there, instead of wobbling the soup).

Here is an update on the  Diamond Hill block. While at the shop I bought the 9mm fusible bias tape maker, ready to make the wider stems. There really isn't that much left to do on this block. And as the challenge item is going to be all machine, except for the binding, I should be able to finish it this week in the evenings.

Then, I need to catch up with The Goblin King. There will be 3 more stitchery blocks by the time this round of Project Quilting is over.

And... I have the first instructions for the first applique block for Esther's Secret Garden. I have decided to try a new (for me) applique technique using Elmer's glue, Roxanne's glue and Floriani stitch and wash.

Sunlit Blooms seems to stock a large range of accessories, including some stitch and wash products... the fusible web I like to use (yes!), but not the batting I like. I hope I have enough batting on hand for the basting tomorrow. Hmmm... will need to check.

And, as I was pottering around, I found some more fabrics to go with my Christmas Tree panel. Check it out! *happy dance*
the bottom two are new additions

I think they look smashing. And now, I know where I can buy more fabric later to make matching Christmas tree skirt and table runners. There is a  kind of theme developing for Christmas colours for different people in my family.

So  much to do! And I didn't even mention the Christmas redwork!

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Jo said...

Wow talk about busy.
Funny story about the soup