Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Old news

Yesterday's post was old news! It turns out that was last month's magazine. Down Under Quilts also sent me a copy of the latest issue (126).

This time the featured quilts are Star Quilts. Andrea's precisely pieced blue and white quilt is featured in the article. (It won second prize at Kilmore Kwilter's blue and white challenge last month).

This is the quilt I made with the Jane Austen fabric. Do you remember I mentioned walking into a nearby quilt shop and seeing the fabric then phoning my friends?? I walked out with some of each bolt!!! Andrea, Rosie, Sandra and I divided up the fabric.

Jane Austen's quilt is made of pieced diamonds. That's why I wanted mine to look like it had diamonds in it (it doesn't, they are triangles). Sandra has appliqued in the centre of large diamonds, and Andrea has made the centre of her lonestar. Rosie decided to make four-patches with applique along the top. She is yet to complete the applique.

This is not the end.. there will be more in print later on. It's very exciting!!! VBG.

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Sharyn said...

Linda Franz is coming out with a way to make the Austen quilt exactaly as Jane did, I think in her next Inklingo series.

It's so nice to be able to say "I knew Loz when..." :)