Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Do you, punk?

I am working away on the French Collection quilt. The quilt top is now entirely pieced.

I am adding applique to each of the quilt corners. First some vines, then a fleur de lys, then leaves on the vines.

I need to go and iron on vines for more corners so I have some stitching to take to quilting tonight.

Oh, and btw, I entered a Melbourne Cup Sweep and my horse won!! YAY me!! I won $13!! That might be the end of my run - Kenny Rogers tickets last week, second prize in the raffle at bowls on Saturday ($5) and now 1st prize in the Sweep! No, I'm still lucky. Ask yourself, do you feel lucky? Well, do you punk?


Karen said...

Wow! Looks wonderful. I like the applique you are adding to the corners.

Roseanne said...

Your quilt is very nice. By the way i never win any think but my sister is so dame luck it is not fair.I am glad you won on the cup.