Monday, 10 November 2008

It's still a mystery...

I finished the 22 heart blocks yesterday. They really look good. I love the zinger fabrics (aqua and dark aqua) I chose before I started the quilt and before I knew where they would go.

I am not so sure about the way my large bunny print has been cut into small pieces, and the small prints have stayed mostly whole in large pieces. It seems a little unbalanced.

So, when I laid out all the blocks on the floor yesterday (no, I don't have a design wall... yet!!) I didn't think the suggested layout was right for my fabrics.

I did a litle tweaking, and here is a section of it!!

So, overall the quilt layout is still a mystery!!! (to you anyway)...

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Made by Andrea said...

Hmmm - I think mine is going to be quite boring! Maybe some variegated Signature Thread in the quilting will be the way to go?

I have to confess I am not sure about the suggested layout either. Hugs, Andrea