Friday, 21 November 2008

Arms, legs and horns

I've sewn, turned and stuffed the tiny, tiny horns on Mrs Perkins. Would you believe they had to be stuffed with a wooden skewer!! Turning the raw edges under drove me a bit crazy!!

She now has ears, a mane and a tail. I just need some felt for the eyes.

Meanwhile, here is a little monkey. How do you like the arms so far? I am going to finish stuffing the arms and legs in the car today - (we are off to the Victoria Market - maybe we'll buy some nice fresh fish, cheap meat and very fresh fruit and veg).

And here is another job I will be doing in the car: finishing my Christmas Cookie bag. Here are the fabrics I chose. Don't they look good Mum?? *wink*

And that's not all I've had on the go. I finished a redwork stitchery, to turn into a peg bag. I need to buy some ric-rac before I can finish it.
I need to get onto some Christmas gifts, but I won't be talking about them until AFTER Christmas! LOL!! Mind your business!!

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Bernadette said...

Aren't those horns the worst? I have still to make Magoo.