Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The F Quilt

Ta-da! The binding is stitched down, and the label is attached. The birthday quilt is officially finished!

Photos were taken in full sun, and are perhaps overexposed. But the quilt is now on its way to its new owner to be used and loved.

The F Quilt

Started in circa May 2005. This was an initial block swap with the SCQuilters. My intention was to finish it for my sister's 30th birthday in 2007. But that kinda didn't happen.

The quilt top was put together circa 2010. Then it sat and waited in Mum's studio for her to professionally quilt it for me. (Going around the beads etc is not her favourite thing to do).

Along with the quilt top and backing, there was a book with the quilt bits. The exercise book travelled around as each person signed their name, and wrote a message to me and my sister about their block. The book is still floating around her studio!!! Somewhere!

I am hoping that when the book is found I can add all the contributors information to this blog post, for posterity's sake.

The instructions were no pink, no frilly stuff, and no flowers please. I provided different colour fabrics for background.

And so, here are the blocks, with what I remember them being about...

I made the first block, F is for Feupie. That's the nickname I give my sister. She calls me Frainse. I wanted this block to set the tone for the rest of the quilt.

F is For Feupie by me

This block is the Feline Fleur De Lys.

Fraise (french for strawberry)
Friends- sisters by birth, friends by choice, dressed in French clothes
Friendly Frog

Feupie and Frainse
out of the Frying pan and into the Fire
Fall (Autumn)

I really love the detailed quilting Mum has done for me. There is water in the fish blocks, fire around the cooking block, rays of light and cross hatching...

The orange sashings have citrus halves quilted on, and the sea coloured border has seaweeds quilted in.... 

The finished result is exciting, and hardly pink or frilly.

I hope you love it Feupie. Happy 40th birthday from Me and my family. xoxoxo


Julierose said...

What a super "F" quilt--love this idea. All the blocks are so cute!!
It came out so well great work hugs, Julierose

Jo said...

I'm so glad it is finished. It will always be a story to tell and will be well loved. Having your mum involved is great too. Love all around...

Fischtown Lady said...

Great work! Love this Quilt!

kiwikid said...

Beautifulquilt, love how many were involved in the making.

Unknown said...

Great quilt, some lucky person is so going to love this