Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Inspiration and achievements

Sometimes we are just stitching away, day after day... another 20 twinkly 2in blocks for Diamond Hill here,

another 42 there...

hand stitching away in the evenings on the Secret Garden blocks...

and suddenly! Wham! There is a big difference in the look of the quilt you are making! Yippee!

All four blocks now have the diamond border and baskets added around each one.

I've just been making twinkly blocks whenever I can.

Even with these block edges done, there are lots more to make - effectively two borders worth.

Then I found I had enough twinkly diamonds to make two edges around these.

At this point, I am pretty chuffed to see it all laying out.

There are strips of purple to go between the blocks as sashing, and around the outside of that.

And I am not quite through making half of the diamond for the entire quilt. It is certainly a fitting name "Diamond Hill".

And as I stitch away at the mystery BOM Secret Garden by hand in the evenings, I am now contemplating the next set of instructions for it, which are pieced blocks with applique. And I am thinking of doing something 3 dimensional. I have set my quilt in Wonderland after all.

Tomorrow at social sewing group, I am keen to sash this quilt centre, and maybe even make a start on machine piecing the Secret Garden blocks. It's a good idea to try out something new and different when I'm not running after my darling 20 month old treasure.

Ooh, and we dropped into one of our local Botanic Gardens, and enjoyed the divine inspiration.

Plants breathing fresh air into us, and fresh ideas into us.

Check out young man's cactus shirt and frondy hat...

Ahhh.... deep breath in... the serenity!



Julierose said...

What an absolutely stunning quilt..love it hugs, Julierose

Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

your little one is growing so quickly~
this quilt is going to be knockout.
I'm doing the 365 challenge this year, so fun. I haven't done a group quilt since Dear Jane in the late 90s.