Saturday, 3 June 2017

Balancing homelife and stitching

Spending quality time with Young Mister is always the priority. Sometimes I can take some time out to sew, and other times, he needs his Mummy full on!

Yesterday he had a play date with 3 little girls. They all played well, shared everything, and all 3 mothers provided the same types of snacks, so they were all able to share food and toys. It was such a delight, despite being chilly enough here in the morning for long sleeves and long pants.

Such a visit also inspired me to redecorate the kitchen and living area which is kid friendly. Thoughts are whirling around my head for how to bling up on a budget. Nobody with toddlers expects to keep fine finishes immaculate anyway...

This morning was also cool. Check us out at the "Airing of the Quilts". 50 quilts on display at our local shop, and $5 per metre fabrics!! We were out with the sparrows (Bub gets us up at 7am or earlier, anyway), and as we were birds, we sure picked some good bargains at $5 per metre. I can feel some cushions for the living area coming on!

We don't really have quilt shows or exhibitions here in our town of about 190,000 people. So this was a little reminder of the quilty heaven I experienced living near Melbourne.

I was particularly taken with the stitchery designs in this one. I found the link to the pattern by smee.

These blocks were stitched by local quiltmaker Nikki.

I admire the humour in them, and would enjoy stitching them. Looks like a great handwork project for travelling where you only need one colour thread and the block traced off.

And I am inspired to make more humorous quilts. I just love humour and whimsy!

After all, I am creating for the enjoyment, why not enjoy the finished item?

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