Wednesday, 21 June 2017

my Janome girl

Hurrah! I've picked up my sewing machine, and it is sewing like a dream. I can hardly believe how well it's working!

The thread cutter is working! It has never really worked properly for very long. There used to be a time when I would specify it when I put it in for a service, but it only worked for a short time afterwards, so I didn't bother.

Well, my baby has had the supreme service now. It even has a piece of felt in the base to cut down on the clunk clunk noise. How precious! And... the original bobbin winder motor had burnt out. Yes. I have machine quilted many a quilt on the Janome 6500. So many bobbins used, that the motor blew up a few years ago! hahahahah. That was replaced about 8 years ago, and the auto turn off on the bobbin winder hasn't worked since then. The previous mechanic told me that it wouldn't work.  Now... Janome baby even turns off on auto bobbin fill! Ooooooh. It certainly makes a difference where you get your machine serviced.

So here is what I got up to on Diamond Hill today at sewcial sewing group .... not too much as we celebrated a 70th birthday, and I had to leave early for the children's sports carnival.

Joined long strips of diamonds to make the other two sides, and now the two halves are joined into one whole piece. That is all ... in over 2 hours! Goodness! I'll have to keep the newly massaged Janome baby on the kitchen table to sneak a bit more stitching over the next week, or I will feel like I cannot keep up.

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Julierose said...

I love the surrounding diamonds --they relly make this beautiful piece even better...hugs, Julierose