Sunday, 22 January 2017

Lily- The Christmas Tree Skirt

"Hello, My name is Lily. I am a Christmas tree skirt."

The tree skirt is a result of Project Quilting Season 8, Challenge 2. Inspired by the Carolina Lily.

Rather than piece traditional Carolina Lily blocks, I used an applique block designed by Lori Smith of "From My Heart To Your Hands".

I had never made a tree skirt before, and learnt as I made it up. along with a little bit of frog stitching (rippit, rippit).

The individual log cabin blocks were designed to reflect the shape of the Carolina Lily keeping with the theme.

This tree skirt is a gift for my MIL. The colours were chosen to match her Christmas tree.

The back of the tree skirt before it has a label.

Created in subtropical Far North Queensland, Australia. Measuring 24in x 24in. Made from 100% cotton, bamboo batting and jacquard ribbon.

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Angie in SoCal said...

How fabulous. I may clear my calendar next year just so I can participate in this challenge. You did a great job. Off to see the others. I'll vote for yours.

Jo said...

You have done a wonderful job Lorraine. Good to use these projects for gifts. Joining in on those groups gives us a push along and then we are ahead with the gift box.

Izzy said...

I love this! What a wonderful idea to make a tree skirt!

Vera said...

Cool interpretation! Well done!