Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Getting around to it

I've finally added another round to Lizzie Mae's Medallion. One more to go!! Then, quilting please Mum. VBG.
It's a bit too big to take an entire photo at the moment. Later, I promise.
Hmm.. that reminds me, I must hang some of this year's finished projects to take complete photos. Where's the ladder?
When I get around to it, I will let you know. LOL!!
Of course, I need to start another miniature quilt to keep up my one per month quota. Probably birds in the air blocks. Little ones. Lots of them!! LOL!!


Kathie said...

I love the way this quilt is coming out.
great job one round to go!
its beautiful.
ah yes I have to get back to my little quilts too, I just love making them!

Janet said...

Wow - it looks fabulous! I love it! I look forward to seeing the whole quilt.