Tuesday, 3 August 2010

A day of rest and of thinking....

I worked hard today - my day off... Actually, I am designing a new stitchery quilt. I diligently designed, enlarged, and organised tracing paper, the light box etc (some of the designs will be symmetrical).
I am not going to show you anything of the designs as yet... but I can tell you they will be mainly black, with a little bit of colour added afterwards.

After that, I deserved a little treat, and here it is! Wow! The cross-stitch is really growing now!! I am using Threadworx threads - these change colour every 3 inches, so I really can only do 3 stitches at a time instead of the usual row. Some people actually stitch one cross-stitch at a time with variegated threads. What do you do?
I finished cutting around the 1950s quilt, and have started to attach the binding. Photos tomorrow perhaps?

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