Friday, 9 October 2009

Where am I?

Where have I been? Here of course... but it's the old problem, sew it or blog it? Blogging takes time, but I love to look back at the record of what I've been up to. I put together the baskets from Jo's Little Women Club. I should have done this about 4 months ago... but I was naughty! Okay, I admit it.

Now I need to make lots of sawtooth pieces for a border. I have done the cutting, and sewing, now I just need to trim them to size and piece them around the outside.

The card of DMC thread is there to show you the size of the basket blocks.

I found this fun feature on facebook where you enter your photo, and it is slapped into yearbook photos from different eras. This could have been me in the 1980s.I like this one in the 1950s...My Mum looked just like this in the 1960s - and I look just like her in this one with Patsy Biscoe hair!!

I hope you find this application and have as much fun as I did!!


Sharyn said...

I've been in Louisa May Alcott's home when I was back east, it was wonderful to visit. There are still quilts on the upstairs beds but not in good shape, they are in light coming in the windows and of course 1000's of peoples warm breath.

Anyway I was wondering Loz, if you've ever colored any of your beautiful embroidery pieces?

Keep up the great work! Sharyn

Janet said...

How could you keep that one quiet for four months? It's looking great, I love the small baskets and the colours are wonderful too.