Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Basket case???

This is an update on my little Jo Morton baskets quilt. I have finished the sawtooth border. Now all I need to do is add on 1 3/4 inch border in teal, then another in brown, then quilt and bind. It's such a cute little quilt.

Looking at it, there are some areas where there is not quite enough contrast, but I have left it for the "vintage look". It's the background fabric in the top left block that loses it a little bit. Fortunately, while our eyes see it, the brain tends to look beyond it and just sees another basket.

I can't wait for another finish!!


Donna said...

What a lovely quilt top!

Karen said...

Good color and fabric choices!

Karen said...

Beautiful baskets and great fabric.

Janet said...

It's lovely and you're nearly there, yay for you.