Monday, 10 February 2020

A bit too white

I took my son to his music and values class, and the teacher has written a book titled I Love My Body. So when I saw this very white t-shirt I snapped it up to wear to the gym... But... it was too white, so the teacher sprayed it for me with a multitude of pretty fabric paints, and now I am so ready to wear it. I just love it.  I might even wear it to belly dance classes.

So far I have finished 4 entire quilts (almost 5), and so I felt I deserved a little bit of Stash Enhancement on an Expedition (S.E.X.) - does anyone use that term anymore?

The cars print is the feature print for my next QAYG bushfire recovery quilt. I have lots of scraps, and this will really bring the colours together and give a theme.

And this bird print had to come home. I adore birds in fabric and quilts. I wonder what I will make with it!

And these celestial stripes. I might have to buy more of that... I just love love love it. And I love it quilted, it's so tactile, and brings me joy to touch it, and run my hands over quilting, so a little bag isn't going to ring my bells with these. I am so in the mood to make quilts and table runners and whatnot.

 Okay, the batting didn't arrive today, but I cut up my son's old cot bumpers and reclaimed the batting for the borders! And I have enough for that! Looking forward to getting it finished tonight!

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