Saturday, 11 January 2020

35 blocks at 10.5 inches

This is my stack of blocks, completed and trimmed! Excited to create the first entire quilt. I have used every scrap of poly/wool batting.

9 and a half inches of quilted goodness

It's left my sewing space in a state of disarray!!

I recently found out from the sewing machine servicer that one shouldn't leave the thread wound onto bobbins for too long, so i used up everything in the bobbin box, and an entire small reel of thread (in pink) while making the yoga frogs blocks.

Time to join them!

Today I wanted to share a post with 22 different heart designs for quilts. What better way to show your love than to make something in a heart!

And in another share... I just found this life changing tool!!! The Vivilux Laser

I wonder if I would ever use it!

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