Friday, 18 October 2019

Break from the sewing machine

Every now and then I go into a different phase, and this time I am making Spirit Dolls again.

I never know how they are going to turn out, as they are created intuitively. I just know they "need" something, or something else is there..... and then the right thing comes along.

With bat wings, a bird skull and wild hair, she kind of reminds me of a character from the Capitol in "Hunger Games".

Or is it a he?

This one has a dreamcatcher, angel wings and glow in the dark wings.

I love her, although she doesn't photograph as well as she could. She is quite angelic.

This fellow is amazing. 

He is self supporting and "stands" in a cauldron. He doesn't photograph as well I wish he did either.

All completely hand made, with more on their way also.

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