Sunday, 27 May 2012

6 out of 30

Woohoo! Just loving these new snowball blocks.

I did quite a bit of cutting, then sat to sew... then I'm making the first 9 patch, and I can see straight away that there's not enough contrast. It doesn't look like a 9 patch at all...

So I make a few snowballs in another colour, then take a photo to test it out.

It works! And so, the rest of the block is made.
Yes, the other light colour looks fine in the second block of the evening.

I happily sewed away on four blocks, took a lovely pic.. then made another one.. heh heh

So, that's a total of 6 blocks out of 30... still got a bit to go... but enjoying the Snowball In Hell quilt. :)

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