Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Well, I didn't get up to finishing the second Cat In The Hat quilt top in time for quilting over the weekend...

So, guess what I brought out this week on the Tuesday sewing session with Rosie and Andrea?

You guessed it! And I'm pretty chuffed that the Quilt Top #2 is now finished. Oh boy, I can't believe there are another 2 Dr Seuss quilts to be made... I'm going to be quite tired of it when I've done them all... Anyway, it's relatively easy to make: only about 8 hours in the quilt top.... that's why they are all getting (nearly) the same. I'll just mix around the arrangement of block backgrounds and appliques for a bit of variety.

I've accidentally rearranged the background, so I've also altered the positioning of the appliqued bits. Rosie says it's the "Wonky Quilt"... very true that... I mean, have you seen the Cat In The Hat movie? It's enough to make anyone see sideways.. hahahahhhah

After working on the "mundane" task of another Dr Seuss quilt, I rewarded myself by taking out a project I've been hankering to work on....

These Baltimore album blocks have been sitting in a box since August 2009. I made myself finish 16 blocks before starting the Civil War Bride applique blocks..... and I've had an idea of what to do with the sashing for years...

First I needed to draft the cornerstone to see if it would work... then calculate the sizes for the sashing...  and make a test bit to see.

Oh yes, loving it... I over-stayed my time a little bit, because I was enjoying the way the blocks were going together... Friday night sewing with Fiona - and I'll be foundation piecing my little fingers off to make the cornerstones.

After the centre is complete, I can think about the borders.... I must show a closeup of the red sashing fabric: is it ombre when the fabric changes from light to dark? Anyway, it's an 1800s reproduction fabric. And it looks smashing! If I say so myself... *wink*

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