Friday, 30 July 2010

Where do all the hours go?

Another 3 blocks for Lizzie Mae's. I need to make 16 of these blocks - so that's still 11 to go. I think three or four in one night after work is about my limit though - I almost feel too tired to blog, let alone think and sew!!
One of the fabrics is a bit light, but I might let it go, as it adds an antique-sort-of quality to the medallion.
Then a little bit more on the cross stitch sampler (this is the Christmas one).

Before I can work on the cross stitch next time, I need to finish trimming the scallop shapes on the 1950s quilt which has been beautifully quilted. (Thanks Mum!!)
Where do all the hours go? I just want to sew!!

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