Sunday, 18 July 2010

Lost: one miniature quilt

I've been absolutely flat chat the last few days. I've stayed up late a few nights in a row, and I can hardly even show you why!!

See this block with the smiling girl? That's me. Because I have finished this quilt!! This is the QuiltAid 2010 quilt. The theme is "The Greatest Gift", and I have named this quilt "The Greatest Gift - Friendship".

It's not a terribly good photo, I will snap a better one while it is hanging at the Vic Quilter's Exhibition this coming weekend.
I've been binding, adding hanging sleeves and looking for my miniature quilt. I entered the quilt into the exhibition, it was accepted, and I had it only 3 weeks ago. I turned everything upside down last night looking for the mini quilt - it's not even that small!!
But, I just couldn't find it in time. *sigh*
I just know it will turn up somewhere I have already looked.
There goes the $40 I paid for entry fees and judging feedback.
You can find out more about the QuiltAid programme by clicking the link on the sidebar.


Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

What a beautiful quilt - love the colours!

Lizzie said...

Of course you'll find the mini on Friday....or Saturday....or any day really after the show starts ;o)
I shall look tomorrow for your QuiltAid quilt hanging, will you be there? Coffee perhaps??